Saturday, May 14, 2011


Hello? Is this thing on?
Ummm... the connection seems like it's working. Jiggle the... no, not that one. Dude, the other one. The one sticking out of his cerebellum. Yeah, that's better. WAY stronger signal.
Okay, cool. Hey there, everyone. Looks like we got our connection working.

You know, they say the human body pretty much works on electrical impulses, but I gotta say, it's really hard to get decent power in the new place. Smitty was running the juicer this morning, making his own juice and the whole thing just kind of stuttered and died. The whole inside of Norman's head? Black. Luckily, we're used to hunting at night, so you know, we just hung out. Chilled. But still, you should at least be able to run the juicer and the DVD player at the same time, right?

Norman says when we run too many appliances at once, he gets tired. He passed out in a crosswalk the other day. Got run over by a moped. He was pissed.

Anyway, just wanted to test the connection, everyone. For those of you who don't know, we're the Party Wolves. Sup. More later, meat puppets!

---Cooter, Party Wolf Extraordinaire

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